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          Celebrate the new website operation

          Celebrate the new website operation

          Jiangsu Shuangyang Chemical Co., Ltd. is situated in Heyang town, Danyang city, Jiangsu. The company is 246km from 312 State Road in the south of Zhenjiang, and in the east of Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway junction. The Grand Canal from Beijing to Hangzhou is located in the east of the company, and its tributary Xingfu river, reaches the company directly, can load the riverboat under 200T. 100km from Nanjing Airport, 20km from Changzhou Airport, over 200km from Shanghai, 24km from Zhenjiang city, 5km from Danyang city, it is easy of access. 

          We insist on the principle of quality first, customer top, good credit, sincere services, we strive to product the customers with satisfactory products.

          2013-12-03 20:16:13